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RE/MAX of Tennessee are experts in real estate.

Whether you are moving to Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis or anywhere else in Tennessee, a RE/MAX of Tennessee Agent will be close by to help you with all of your real estate needs.

Below is the history of RE/MAX International, which explains how RE/MAX of Tennessee came to be.

The question most often asked at RE/MAX is pretty straightforward: what does the word RE/MAX actually mean?

The answer is self-explanatory and elegant in its simplicity: RE/MAX is an acronym for Real Estate Maximums.

It means that an associate working for RE/MAX will garner the maximum amount of commissions and in the process provide top-notch service.

Incredible as it may sound, this concept was a kernel in the mind of Dave and Gail Liniger, founders of RE/MAX, who in 1973, thought that the traditional split between brokers and agents was far from being a fair deal for agents. And they wanted to change the status quo.

At the time, most real estates offices operated on the commission-split model requiring agents to forfeit fifty-percent of their earnings in exchange for an office and services. This system was, of course, skewed since those contributing to any office were the top earners subsidizing the bottom earners and perpetuating the notion that real estate professionals were amateur part-timers.

The Linigers believed that to attract the top professionals, an office would have to allow them to earn all of their commissions and in return, they would have to share in overhead expenses and pay for management services.

The concept was not only innovative but revolutionary at its core and it encountered plenty of detractors and nay-sayers who did not believe that it would work.

It would, however, fundamentally shift the relationship between brokers and agents and in the process impact the industry in an irreversible manner.

And, to the disappointment of the opposition, it worked.

Since, RE/MAX has grown exponentially becoming a force to be reckoned with and in the process changed public perception of agents.

Along the way, it garnered accolades for having the most educated and professional sales force, for having a well-compensated one and for being a front-runner providing support, education and tools to those with entrepreneurial hunger and stamina.

Additionally, RE/MAX Satellite Network, now RE/MAX University was introduced to help the RE/MAX Membership become even more professional by offering continuous education and advanced training courses in addition to constant updates on the state of the real estate industry.

Other services that were offered to its members were relocation and asset management, commercial investment, an international referral network, intranet and Internet Web sites and introductions to the latest technological tools.

With its red, white, and blue colors and its ever-present RE/MAX balloon as part of large advertising and media campaigns, RE/MAX is globally recognized by the public as a trustworthy leading force in the industry.

Its unprecedented growth has also come from outside the United States expanding to Canada where it is the largest real estate organization, and to Africa, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand and South America. This makes RE/MAX the largest real estate franchise sales organization in the world.     

RE/MAX International is divided into regions and RE/MAX of Georgia, RE/MAX of Kentucky/Tennessee and RE/MAX of Southern Ohio franchise rights were purchased by Howard McPherson in 1978. The McPherson family still owns the RRS region to this day.

Since 1992, RE/MAX has been the official real estate sponsor of The Children’s Miracle Network raising more than $67 million for Children’s Hospitals in addition to supporting the Susan G. Komen Foundation and many more events in the Region.

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A Brief History of RE/MAX and RE/MAX Regional Services


RE/MAX was founded in 1973 by Dave and Gail Liniger, Two real estate Agents who set out to change the status quo. At the time, most real estate companies required Agents to pay 50% of their commissions in exchange for an office and Broker services. The Linigers thought that a company would attract the top Agents by allowing them to keep all of their commisions and simply pay their fair share for overhead expenses and management services.


The Linigers called their new company RE/MAX, which stands for Real Estate Maximums. Agents working for RE/MAX would garner the maximum amount of commisions, while providing maximum service to clients. This new model revolutionized the real estate industry.


In 1978, Howard McPherson opened the first RE/MAX Regional office in Georgia and acquired franchise rights for the state. By 1986, RE/MAX in Georgia had achieved #1 market share. Howard went on to acquire franchise right for three other regions: Kentucky, Tennessee and Southern Ohio.


Today, Howard's company, RE/MAX Regional Services (RRS), provides outstanding support to RE/MAX Brokers, Agents, and offices in all five regions. RRS ensures they have the best technology, the most advanced training, and the highest level of expertise to help home buyers and sellers achieve their goals.

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